Inyokern Station

A fantastic stop for a traveler and great community market with great fresh produce, meats, and home or camping essentials.

One thought on “Inyokern Station

  1. I will be moving to Inyokern later this summer and either will rent a place, or a room in someone’s house. I own 2 historic 1947 PCC streetcars and other transportation items; and plan to bring them to Inyokern and open the new Inyokern Transportation Park; which will be a multi-mode operating (rides available) museum & transportation oriented theme park. It will open in phases; and hopefully the forprofit & nonprofit that will develop will get use or ownership of the former SP/UP Lone Pine right of way through town. This will create tourism and jobs; meaning $$$ to the people and businesses of Inyokern.

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