Old West Mounted Lawmen’s Association

You’ve heard about them. You’ve read about them. Bat Masterson, Wyatt EarpHeck ThomasBill TilghmanBass Reeves and many more. The lawmen who tamed America’s west and took great risk for little money to accomplish their mission. Now, YOU have an opportunity to become part of an organization that pays tribute to that special breed of men who were dedicated to upholding the law during our country’s infancy in settling the west. Because this organization is unique in recognizing the purpose of the old west lawmen, we want members who have actually had some experience working in law enforcement. The feeling is that those who have “walked the walk” will better understand what these men were trying to accomplish and will therefore be more dedicated members. With that in mind, the eligibility requirements are as follows:

Current and/or former law enforcement officials in the following categories:

United States Marshal; State Police; City or Town Police; Sheriff’s Department; Border Patrol; Customs Officer; Conservation/Fish and Game; Prison Guard or Official; Federal Law Enforcement Agent; Park Ranger/Forest Ranger; Military Police; Security Guard.


Participate in parades or other funcitons where it would be practical to ride mounted in a group.

Future annual gathering somewhere in the West with entertainment, possible mounted shooting, reenactments of bank robberies, etc.